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(*) Itinerary and number of days can be changed by request or by agenos problems the organization.

- Visit to Sawmill Ignisterra or Fishing
- Farewell lunch Lamb Pal o Cordeo al palo
- Visit Pinguinera "Pinguino King"
- Strait Crossing and travel to Santiago

- Tierra del Fuego fishing

- Tierra del Fuego fishing


- Cross Strait of Magellan
- Lunch outdoors on the pampas
- Visit to Sawmill Ignisterra or Fishing

- Travel Santiago - Punta Arenas via LAN
- Visit to Zona Franca
- Tasting of typical local products


Día 1: 




Día 2:




Día 3: 




Día 4:




Día 5:


For this unique journey, we have carefully developed an ideal itinerary so you can enjoy a break with friends in one of lus more unknown and unexplored places in the world.

pesca patagonica
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