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Preguntas frecuentes

1. What is included in the service offered?
The service included in our service includes: accommodation, meals, transfers (ferry and car), tickets to penguin colony, fishing license for a week.
Not included is the air ticket for the customer to redeem kms if desired, the cost of fishing equipment has an additional cost.


2. How long is the tour?
The tour lasts for 5 days and 4 nights modifiable, ie, the client can accommodate the number of days based on their needs and available time.


3. What is the cost of fishing equipment lease?
The lease of equipment (fishing rod, reel, line, lures and accessories) has a value of $ 40,000- for the duration of the tour.
This equipment is first rate and delivered in good condition. In case of loss or damage, the customer must cancel the associated costs.


4. How many people can travel?
To make the trip a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 7 is necessary, it is limited by the number of rooms in Tierra del Fuego.
In the case of travel in pairs this number increases to 14 people in total.


5. What are the policies money back?
In the case of any problem external to the organization, will be returned only 80% of the total cost with a maximum of three months before the date of the trip, the cancellation after that date does not correspond refund.


6.-What happens if I have bad weather?
The organization is not responsible for weather problems, no money back for this item.

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