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Tierra del fuego

Tierra del Fuego, place located at the end of the world. Dreamed by every adventurer, it is the ideal place to live a unique experience instead.


This island at the end of the world is named, according to legend, thanks to the famous sailor Ferdinand Magellan to sail the mythical waters of the strait that bears his name, saw in the distance a lot of campfires made by the inhabitants of these lands. Thus it is called Tierra del Fuego in honor of this "hellish" image of a land covered by fire.


Over time this land was a refuge for adventurers, pirates and other people who saw in this a unique place. Today, a lot of boats ply the waters of the

Strait of Magellan to cross from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean as one of the routes more important for trade.


Despite this, Tierra del Fuego is still a little explored Logar, delivering a myriad of unique postcards with virgin forests and many places where unseen hand of man.


The ancient inhabitants, the Selk'nam, also known as Onas were a town in the north of the Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego. Originally, they were

terrestrial nomadic hunters and gatherers. This town It is recognized worldwide for living in one of the wildest territories hostile world. Possibly today this ethnic group is only represented by mestizo descendants, who after a process of acculturation that it operated for over a century, they are completely acculturated.


During this trip will travel the same paths and will fish in the same waters where caught these people of Tierra del Fuego. 


We invite you to be part of history and live the unique experience of meeting Tierra del Fuego.




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