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Ropa y equipo

Tierra del Fuego is an area where the weather can vary during the day.


Mainly, you need to wear light clothes and layers. In this way one can face different scenarios seen during the day.


windbreaker use is recommended due to the strong winds that exist in this area, in addition to clothing Goretex system to prevent moisture and stay dry against possible rain.


At night the temperature drops enough so it is recommended to use warm clothes well as Polar or Parka.


As for accessories, you need to have a cap that can protect us from the sun, gloves to hands as cold hands while you fish is usually enough.


Finally, the use of sunscreen and goggles is recommended as the sun, despite not get hot, is quite strong in this area of ​​the country.







Fishing equipment recommended for this trip.


Neoprene wader.
Canas 7-9.
the use of salmon flies or streamers and nymphs of dark colors with high brightness is recommended.
Sinking lines and Fast sinking tip.
multipurpose tool


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